contribute to improve quality of life

Sustainable jobs improve the quality of life in underdeveloped communities

who needs a legup?

People living in underdeveloped communities around the world who have the desire and ability to accomplish their dreams for themselves and their communities. Many are praying for a LegUp to help them achieve. They want a LegUp rather than a handout. They want to be treated with respect for their innate, God-given abilities to achieve their own dreams.

how does it work?

People ask us for a LegUp Loan to achieve their dreams. We receive their application and go through a review process to qualify them and their project as worthy of the capital being requested. Then, if we have the funds available, we proceed with an interest free loan with terms similar to what they would get from their community bank (if they even have such a place available to them). Then we begin the relational journey to help them achieve their dreams over the years that follow. As loans are repaid, those funds become available for new future LegUp opportunities.


hear directly from legUp recipients

East Africa Owner of Pig Processing Facility

SE Asia owner of school

central africa owner of manufacturing business

east africa produce farmer

east africa church worker